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Transparent Car Stickers In Automotive

Transparent Car Stickers in TRW Automotive used a life size acrylic car ‘driven’ by models to demonstrate how it is working towards semi-automated driving as well as other new technology InnovationsTRW Automotive showed off a range of airbags and active safety systems such as braking and steering products in the …

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Airtel Set To Sale It Share And Exit Africa

Airtel Set To Sale It Share And Exit Africa According to Bloomberg, Airtel “ is considering mergers or stake sales at some of its Africa operations as it looks to cut debt and make its biggest overseas acquisition profitable.” At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Mr. Mittal, the chairman …

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Samsung Led Phones Batteries Caused Note 7 Errors

Samsung Led Phones note 7 originally intended to compete with Apple’s iPhone, after a chaotic recall that saw replacement devices also catching fire and blame it on faulty battery. The debacle cost the South Korean company billions in lost profit and reputational damage, in a torrid period which has also …

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Why Technology Is Good In Modern Day World

why technology is good n modern day world.Technology has many benefits to the individual and to an organization including optimizing speed and time, providing a better way to store information, enhancing the sharing of information and providing automation to tasks that otherwise require extensive human work and calculation. Technology serves …

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Ford Unleash Latest Ford Car Model

Ford Unleash Latest Ford Car Model Is has announced a new and advanced autonomous development vehicle that will be used for testing autonomous functions. Ford didn’t give the car new name; instead, it’s sticking with the Ford Fusion Hybrid moniker that has been used since it introduced the first model …

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Nokia 6 Launched As HMD Target Dominance In 2017

Nokia 6 Launched As HMD Target Dominance In 2017,The device will be marketed in partnership with the local internet retail giant JD.com. The team behind the Nokia 6 phone said it believed the handset’s “premium design” would appeal to the local market. The announcement coincided with the final day of …

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BMW To Unleash 40 Self Driving Car In US And Europe

BMW To Unleash 40 Self Driving Car In US And Europe,The German auto group made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas jointly with US computer chip giant Intel and the Israeli-based auto technology firm Mobileye. “Making autonomous driving a reality for our customers is the shared …

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Samsung News Room Said Launch Of Galaxy S8 Underway

Samsung News Room Said Launch Galaxy S8 Underway and is planning to bounce back from the mess created by the Galaxy Note 7 explosion fiasco which happens in 2016 Samsung by rebuild its image and regain consumer’s trust, juicy rumors about the Galaxy S8 have begun to pour in from …

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Glo Top Internet Subscription Usage Chart

Globacom, has emerged the only network that recorded an increase in its Internet subscription in October, 2016. This was revealed in the latest review published by telecom industry regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for the month. The new publication validates Globacom’s leadership in Nigeria’s data sector, underscoring the network’s …

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