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Nutritional Use Of Coconut Oil

Nutritional Use Of Coconut Oil Coconut oil is famous all around the world not only as an edible natural product andhair tonic, but also as an excellent skin smoothener. In the tropical parts of the world where coconuts are readily available and used in many ways, people use the oil …

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Lasting Impressions Dental Care In USA

lasting impressions dental care in usa, The Affordable Care Act (ACA) brought health insurance coverage to millions of people last year who had never had it before. Not only did the sweeping changes put an end to exclusions for pre-existing conditions, but healthcare reform also designated 10 “essential benefits” that …

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Woman Gives Birth To Five After Ten Years Wait

Woman Gives Birth To Five After Ten Years Wait According to history, this would be the first time the UCTH, and Cross River State as a whole is witnessing such a miracle.The proud father of the quintuplets, Dr. Ekpo Edet, could not hold back his joy and excitement as he …

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Research Shows US Cancer Rate Decline

Research Shows US Cancer Rate Decline usnews.com reports that Cancer death rates in the United States have dropped 25 percent since the early 1990s, a new report reveals.The finding was drawn from the American Cancer Society’s latest cancer incidence and mortality estimates, which indicate that in 2017, close to 1.7 …

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Health Insurance Coverage Among Professionals

health insurance coverage among professionals has shown that high intelligence quotient (IQ) scores and professional experience do not necessarily guarantee success at work or in life. Rather, a more important determinant of success in these areas is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to recognise, manage and …

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Antacid To Curb Climate Change Says Researchers

Antacid To Curb Climate Change Says Researchers As global temperatures rise, scientists are working on ways to slow down climate change. New research suggests that pumping the equivalent of ‘antacid’ tablets into the air could be the answer. The research is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of …

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Mesothelioma Disease Research Work

Mesothelioma Disease Research Work Pleural mesothelioma is a very rare neoplasm; especially the local form. The diagnostics is difficult and the prognosis unfavourable Researchers from Oregon State University, Rutgers University and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey report that they have developed a new inhalation method of administering chemo medications …

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Nigeria Climate As harmattan Wind Increases

Nigeria Climate in western Africa,is not dependent on topographical features but varies by the interaction between the moist, northerly air coming off of the Atlantic Ocean and the drier air arriving from the south. The interaction between these two air masses plays a distinct role in the country’s seasons and …

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Health Issues In Nigeria By Health Minister

Health Issues In Nigeria By Health Minister Of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, has said HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and malaria remain major health issues in Nigeria. Chukwu said this on Monday in Calabar, Cross River State, in his welcome address at the Country Coordinating Mechanism Nigeria retreat held at Tinapa Knowledge Centre. …

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